Breast Cancer


Our comfort bags are carefully pieced together taking every aspect of treatment into consideration.  Bag items may vary but include the following:

Medium tote (Measures 17"x12"x5") made of a durable, waterproof oil cloth, large plush blanket with ribbon embroidery accents, a heart or standard travel size pillow, crossword puzzles that work the front part of the brain (part most affected by chemotherapy),  Lifefactory glass water bottles, almonds and varying healthy anti-inflammatory snacks, an inspirational book, all natural soaps and lotions to help with dry skin among other items (depending on various donations at the time).



*Neither the Pamela A. Kearby Foundation nor any of its operations is affiliated in any way with Breast Friends


Donations for Breast Cancer


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

* A $95.00 donation-1 Fully Loaded Bag

* A $50.00 donation-1 Pillow & 1 Blanket

* A $30.00 donation-1 Oilcloth Tote

Any donation amount is appreciated