About Us

How We Do It

The Kearby Foundation is a non-profit cancer charity unlike any other. While Pam, the Foundation's inspiration, was undergoing cancer treatment, she was adamant that the patient's state of mind has a tremendous impact on their overall health. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause a patient to experience chills. Through generous donations, the Kearby Foundation is able to provide plush items to cancer patients to help them experience warmth and comfort, thus positively impacting their state of mind.  

Whether its bunnies for our pediatric patients or blankets for our women and men, the Foundation's unique plush items warm the chill of cancer.

Our Mission

The mission of the Kearby Foundation is to warm the chill of cancer by providing warmth for men, women and pediatric cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

The Kearby Foundation would like to thank its tireless volunteers and generous donors that allow us to carry out our mission of warming the chill of cancer.


"A happy outside starts from the inside."

                                         -Robert Urich

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